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HOTEL on the CORNER of



Memory and longing bridge Henry Lee’s 1940s boyhood in Seattle’s Chinatown and, decades later, his second chance at love after a miraculous discovery in the basement of the Panama Hotel. Historic events and places mesh in this story of faithful hope. On the New York Times’ Best Seller’s list in 2009.

Book by Jamie Ford

Adapted and Directed by

Annie Lareau


Auditions by Appointments

Saturday, September 20th, 2014


Sunday, September 21st, 2014


Please prepare a 2-minute monologue of your choice for your reserved audition time.

Callbacks by Invitation only on Monday, September 22, 2014 , 6:00pm-9:00pm

Nevada Theatre

401 Broad Street

Nevada City, California

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(Please no walk-ins)

Reserve online (above) or email Lisa Moon, Artistic Director,

Note: Audition time slots and details will be confirmed.

Rehearsals begin on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Show Dates: April 16th to May 9th, 2015

Roles: Need Asians, all Ethnicities, Male and Female. Need Adults, Teens and Children. 2-min. monologue of your choice required.

Read from Sides at callbacks.

Roles Available:  The ages listed below are intended to be a guideline only.  Actors should be able to “portray” characters in these age groups.

Chinese Roles


  • Henry Lee (older),age 60s-70s:  A gentle man, melancholy from the loss of his wife. Searching for answers.
  • Marty Lee (Henry Lee’s son),age late 20s/early 30s:  A young man, hiding a secret from his father, negotiating the loss of his mother and the difficult relationship with his father.


  • Henry Lee (younger), age 12-15:  A young boy, living in a Chinese family, which despises the Japanese that share the neighborhood they live in during the midst of WWII. He must wear a badge on his chest at all times that says, “I am Chinese,” to prevent being mistaken for Japanese.  (Note: This role could be cast by an actor in his 20s or 30s.)
  • Mr. Lee (Henry’s father), age 30-40s:  A very angry man that holds a great deal of animosity against the Japanese because of the Indochina War.
  • Mrs. Lee (Henry’s mother), age 30-40s: A gentle woman who loves both her son and her husband and is stuck in between.
  • Ethel/Mail Clerk, age late teens: An eager young woman who is in love with Henry.

Japanese Roles


  • Keiko Okabe, age 12-15:  A young girl with a very positive outlook on life and believes in love regardless of what she is going through.  (Note: This role could be cast by an actor in her 20s or 30s.)
  • Mrs. Okabe, (Keiko’s Mother), age 30s-40s:  A very “modern” woman for her time, who loves her family, jazz music and welcomes all cultures into her life.  Mother of Keiko.
  • Mr. Okabe, (Keiko’s Father), age 30s-40s:  A very “modern” man for his time, loves his family, believes in the goodness of people.  Father of Keiko.

African-American Roles


  • Sheldon, age 20s-40s:  A young man who plays saxophone on the corner of the street every day but yearns to be a bigger jazz star. Acts as a kind father figure to young Henry.
  • Oscar Holden, age 50-60s:  A famous piano player at the time. A crusty old soul with a heart of gold.  (Doubles as Bud, the owner of the record store.)

Caucasian Roles


  • Mrs. Beatty, age 40s-50s:  A crusty lunch lady that everyone fears at school but has a heart of gold.  (Doubles as Ms. Pettison and Nurse.)
  • Chaz Preston, age 12-15:  A mean bully.  (Doubles as one of the police officers.)  (Note: This role could be cast by an actor in his 20s or 30s.)
  • Mr. Preston (father to Chaz), age 30s-40s: An unscrupulous developer, racist, and father of Chaz. (This role is Pre-Cast)
  • Denny, age 12-15, Chaz’s sidekick.  (Note: This role could be cast by an actor in his 20s or 30s.)


  • Ms. Pettison, age 30s-50s: A sweet woman with a soft spot for “older” Henry Lee. Wants to help him find what he is looking for. (Doubles as Mrs. Beatty.)
  • Samantha (Marty’s girlfriend), age late 20s/early 30s: Very vivacious and outgoing soul, who loves Marty and wants to fully embrace his family.

Ensemble Roles

Director will be casting various ensemble roles of all ages for the citizens of the International District of Seattle. Must be Asian American but any age is considered. There will be some lines assigned to the ensemble.


Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet


(Founded in 1990 in Seattle, Washington ⎯

By Jamie Ford

Copyright © 2009 by Jamie Ford

Adapted by Annie Lareau for Book – It Repertory Theatre

The play is performed through arrangement with United Talent Agency for Jamie Ford.

All rights reserved.

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Mahjong Workshop


Mah Jong Flyer for WebClick on above image to download Printable PDF

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Ancestors in the Americas: The History and Legacy of Asians in the Americas

July 22, July 29, and Aug. 26, 2014  (Three evenings)

Madelyn Helling Library, Nevada City, 7:00 pm

Ancestors in the Americas

CATS presents a series of documentaries by the Center for Educational Telecommunications, Inc.  Showing 8 films in 3 evenings in historic chronological order about the Asian Pacific American Experience and History.  Prize-winning programs designed for general audiences.  Unknown and surprising stories come alive in intimate first person voices from the past, giving a feeling for the time and place of lived histories.  Historical sites, artifacts, and documents interwoven with local stories and analyses of renowned scholars.  Commentaries to follow each screening.  Free.  Donations gladly accepted.

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