CATS Statement on Violence against Asians Americans

Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra (CATS) wishes to issue a formal statement regarding the rise in hate crimes against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We, the Board as individuals, and as an organization, deplore any violence! Although violence is not new historically against Asians, unfortunately, the rhetoric since the onset of the pandemic last year has escalated it to an unprecedented proportion throughout our nation.


Since 1994, the mission of CATS has been to promote cultural diversity, cultural enrichment, Asian and Asian American history, and to highlight the roles and contributions of Asians in building this great nation of ours. We achieve these objectives through the lens of live theatre, events, and workshops. We feel that it is ignorance that fuels fear, discrimination, and violence, and that through knowledge, awareness, and understanding, we can continue to effect change and build bridges. Nevada County, historically rich in Chinese history (gold mining and building the Transcontinental Railroad), is now one of the least ethnically diverse counties in California. CATS has been pleased to provide cultural enrichment and cultural education over the years to create an impact and to fill a much-needed void. Let’s Stop the Hate and Begin Healing Now!


The Board of Directors

Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra

March 22, 2021

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