Cast List of The Joy Luck Club


(alphabetical order by actor’s surname; roles shown in order of appearance)


Acoba, Val – matchmaker, Amah, Yan Chang

Coney, Chase – Tyan-Yu, Master Archer, Harold, Rich, Ted

Elliott, Ariel – Rose

Garcia, Bernadette – Ying-Ying and Second Wife

Lucas, Mirah – Jing-Mei and matchmaker’s servant

Lum-Ohmann, Patty – An-Mei

Mark, Tina – Popo, Wu Tsing’s servant, Chwun Yu

Moon, Lisa – Suyuan

Mularchuk, Cacie – Huang Taitai, auntie, Chwun Hwa

Nesbit, Michele – Waverly and mother of An-Mei

Pritchett, Olivia – Lindo

Saiyo, Greg – Tin Jong, Chong, chess player, Moon Lady, Watermelon Man

Tjoa, Hock – Canning Woo, Lau Po

Williams, Angela – Lena and Fifth Wife

Young, Scott – Clifford, onlooker, drunk, Actor, Wu Tsing

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