“Turandot” (2004)

Jan. 16, 2004 to Feb. 7, 2004

Nevada Theatre


“Anyone seeking my hand in marriage must solve 3 riddles or die!” 

Written by Carlo Gozzi

Translated by Albert Bermel and Ted Emery
Directed by Amber Jo Manuel

Commedia Dell’Arte is Directed by John Deaderick 

Turandot incorporates Chinese acting styles, Italian comedy & elements from Puccini’s opera.  The story of Turandot takes place in 18th century Peking, China, and centers on the suitors of the beautiful Chinese Princess Turandot who must part with their heads unless they find the answers to three impossible riddles. All the suitors fail and many heads decorate the wall surrounding the palace, until one day a handsome, indomitable young prince comes along to challenge the princess. It is a story of love, hate, and intrigues: romantic heroes, conniving servants and commedia dell’arte characters, such as Arlechino, Pantalone, and Brighella.

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