“Journey to the West” (2013)

adapted by Mary Zimmerman

and directed by Diane Fetterly


Journey to the West is a wonderful adventure story about a quest for something very important. It is very funny and ultimately very moving. Tripitaka, the Monk journeys from China to India in search of sacred Buddhist scriptures. He travels with three companions–the mischievous, boastful Monkey King; Bajie, the Pig, a babyish incarnation of appetite & lust; and Wujing, the River Spirit, who brings courage & strength to the Monk’s aid. The 16th century novel on which the play is based is a classic in China, and the characters have become favorites of the Chinese. They appear in comic books, TV cartoons, and ads for Chinese beer. The author, Mary Zimmerman, says of this show, “The play is full of beauty. It is very funny, and its lessons are important to many people in the world.”



Director Diane Fetterly
Music Director and Composer Tynowyn Woolman
Scenic, Costume, and Properties Designer Teresa Shea
Lighting Designer Tim Dugan
Choreographer Michael Baranowski
Hair and Make-up Designer Sara Quay
Technical Director Tom Taylor
Sound Engineer Chris Christensen
Stage Manager Jessica Guise
Assistant Stage Manager Andrew Diederich




The Goddesses

Jade Empress, Queen of Heaven Kim Wellman
Lady Bodhisattva, Guanyin Trish Adair
Moksa, Guanyin’s Disciple Xochitl Husted
Tathagata Buddha of the Ultimate Bliss Allison Chan

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The Pilgrims

Sun Wukong, The Monkey King Michael Baranowski
Tripitaka, The Monk Danny McCammon
Bajie, The Pig Brett Torgrimson
Wujing, Sha Monk Kate Tobie


The Ensemble

(in order of appearance)

Lisa Moon Aneka Qing Mei Torgrimson
Jake Dabis Eric Tomb
Ty Baldwin Hock G. Tjoa
Dinah Smith Vann Dart
Maxwell Freedman Ava Pritchett
Erin Commiskey Olivia Pritchett
Virgil Wong


The Orchestra of Heaven and Earth

Music Director and Composer Tynowyn Woolman
Musician Lisa Strozzi Stine
Musician Joe Fajen

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