CATS Contributors

Donations received from

October 2014 to October 2015

Your membership dollars support the day-to-day operational expenses of the organization that include providing outstanding performance and educational experiences. Under that broad heading come: insurance, newsletter and promotional printing and mailing, rentals of facilities and equipment, graphics design, web design, accounting, utilities, telephone and Internet services, licenses and dues, trainings and education, consulting services, general promotion and advertising, and annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors.  Your memberships have helped sustain our foundation, and we thank you for your generosity.

CATS’ Meow ($3,000+)

Gloriette Fong

Lion ($2,000 – $2,999)

Susan and Tom Hopkins; Lowell and Diane Robertson Family Foundation

Tiger ($1,000 – $1,999)

Capital Public Radio; G & G Educational Foundation; The Union; KNCO

Jaguar ($500 – $999)

B&C True Value Home and Garden Center (Greg Fowler); Susie and Dave Bavo; Jane Bielefelt; Community Players Trust; Tom Cunningham; Edible Sacramento Magazine; Larry and Barbara Friedlander; New Moon Café (Buzz Crouch and Peter Selaya); Placer Japanese-American Citizens League (JACL and David Unruhe); RW Baird (Ken Meyers) and The Lee and Dunn Group (Jonathan Lee); Beverly Riddle; Rideout Medical Associates, Inc.; SierraFoodWineArt (Jeff and Shannon Pelline); Audrey Ohlson Smith; Melanie Sullivan; SPD Market (Dave Painter)

Panther ($250 – $499)

Sheila Baker; Jerry and Beth Biagini; John and Valerie Bush with matching funds from DST Systems; Bob and Margo Casselberry; Allison Chan and Grant Weller; Cecelia Chan; Edward and Barbara Clegg; Juli Dieter; Diane Fetterly; Wendy Hartley; Aileen James; Harry Lum; KVMR; Charles Lindquist; Jeffrey and Susan Mason; Peter Mason and Ken Getz; Dr. Lisa Moon and Dr. Jerry Chan; Northern Queen Inn; Keith and Shirley Porter; Margaret Saito; Hock and Alexis Tjoa; Carolyn and Gary Twing; Virgil Wong and Karen Freeman; Jeannie Wood

Leopard ($100 – $249)

Ben Arikawa; Viki and Jim Brake; Janice and Jake Bronson; Robert and Louise Chan; Judith Ciphers; Sharon and Tom Davisson; Anthony and Jane Diamond; Susan Dunn; Mae and Larry Ferral; Bernadette Garcia; Lance and Joan Goddard; Ross and Maiya Gralia; Linda and Paul Guffin; Custis Haynes; Madelyn Helling; Robin and Duane Hintz; Shirley Hunziker; Sunya and Scot Hutchison; Ingrid and Warren Knox; Wing and Betty Lee; Yvette Macphee; Ann and Dick Mentzer; Patty & Dave Ohmann; Rosalie Opperman; Olivia and Jon Pritchett; Robin Reves; Wendy Rosky with matching funds from Texas Instruments; Jerry and Emi Sakai; Gretchen Serrata; Jay Shuholm; Virginia and Ewart Thresh; Joyce Tom; Eric Tomb; Mas and Ann Tsuda; Bill Vicars; Maudie Walker; Susanna Wilson; Lily Wong and Phil Semler; Nelson and Lea Wong; Elizabeth Worth

Cheetah ($50 – $99)

Diane Arnell; Rosalie Baker; David and Louise Beesley; Tim Brennan; Christine Brown; Mars Burnside; Karen Cox; Hal and Barbara DeGraw; Sandra Davison and William Wilson; Glennis Dole; Richard Drace, in Honor of Lucy Becker; Desmond Gallagher; Hindi Greenberg; Nancy Johansen; Charles Kobayashi; Cary and Karen Korobkin; Betty Louie; Martha Meredith; Deborah Morawski; Jean Poulsen; Gordon Sakaue; Ernie and Jenny Takahashi; Ken and Deborah Suzuki; Mick and Kathy Tuttle; Ginger Van Wagner; Mary J. Wamser; Randall and Maxine Yee; Carol Young

Lynx ($25-$49) 

Louise Anderson; Janis Baumgarner; Frank and Karen Chizek; Bill Drake; Jeanne Duerst; Don and Fran Foster; Linda Frost; Brett Jones; Frances Jorgensen; April Grimm, Daniel Halloran; Robert Knappman; Dennis Lai; Nell Lester; Cathy Lewis, William Lewis; Michele and Clyde Melander; Joyce Pierce; Jerome and Bernice Pressler; Joyce Regan-Goar; Debra Richard; Deren Ross; Dian Schaffhauser and Suzanne Doyle; Donna Sharp; Marilyn Shulman and Alan Trood; Virginia Thompson; Daniel Van Alderwerelt, Angela Wade; Robin Wallace; Glenda Zanone-Burak

Tabby:  ($10-24)

Elinor Anklin; Victoria Banister; Carolyn Brooks; Janice Carey; Julia Carol; Diane Cline; John Finnell; Sue Gillespie; Roberta Jan-Johnson; Beverly Kodama; Irene Kawamoto, Barbara Kruger; Ellen Lapham; Margaret Licha; Joan McCarty; Larry Miller; Dolores Moore, Jean Moore, Shawna Oliver, Detlef Osburg; Joyce Pierce, Jan and Steve Roth; George Scarmon; Robert Slyker; Melinda Stefanotty; James Tam; Dean Uyeno; Debbie Wivholm

(Our sincere appreciation to any contributors who donated after October, 2015.)

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