CATS Contributors

Contributors and Sponsors as of September 2016 to September 2017

Supporting CATS’ Annual Production and Cultural Events

Your membership dollars support the day-to-day operational expenses of the organization that include providing outstanding performance and educational experiences. Under that broad heading come: insurance, newsletter and promotional printing and mailing, rentals of facilities and equipment, graphics design, web design, accounting, utilities, telephone and Internet services, licenses and dues, trainings and education, consulting services, general promotion and advertising, and annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors.  Your memberships have helped sustain our foundation, and we thank you for your generosity.


CATS’ Meow ($3,000+)

Gloriette Fong


Lion ($2,000 – $2,999)

Susan and Tom Hopkins; Lowell and Diane Robertson Family Foundation


Tiger ($1,000 – $1,999)

Capital Public Radio; Community Players Trust; G & G Educational Foundation; KNCO; The Union


Jaguar ($500 – $999)

B&C True Value Home and Garden Center (Greg Fowler); Susie and Dave Bavo; CMB Wealth Management; Tom Cunningham; Charlotte Xu Dewar; Larry and Barbara Friedlander; Dieter Juli; Patty & Dave Ohmann with matching funds from Grass Valley, A Belden Brand; Beverly Riddle; Melanie Sullivan; SPD Market (Dave Painter)


Panther ($250 – $499)

Julia Amaral and Mark Strate; Sheila Baker; Jerry and Beth Biagini; Jane Bielefelt; Bob and Margo Casselberry; Cecelia Chan; Dr. Lisa Moon and Dr. Jerry Chan; Edward and Barbara Clegg; Diane Fetterly; Linda and Paul Guffin; Wendy Hartley; Kathy Hillis; Aileen James; Harry Lum; KVMR; Charles Lindquist; Jeffrey and Susan Mason; Peter Mason and Ken Getz; Pho King Good; Keith and Shirley Porter; Margaret Saito; Ann Tsuda; Carolyn and Gary Twing; Virgil Wong; Jeannie Wood


Leopard ($100 – $249)

Ben Arikawa; Marlene Becker; Viki and Jim Brake; Tim Brennan; Allison Chan and Grant Weller; Robert and Louise Chan; Susan Dunn; Liz Ely; Corinne Gelfan and Jerry Grant; Hindi Greenberg; Linda and Paul Guffin; Barbara Hall; Madelyn Helling; Eugene and Sintao Heung, Bonanza Gift Shop; Darlene Hobie; Shirley Hunziker; Kathy Hysell; Inn Town Campground; Lois Itow; Judi’s of Nevada City; Nancy Kemp and Steve Allen; Ingrid and Warren Knox; KVIE; Wing and Betty Lee; Howard and Margaret Levine; Yvette Macphee; Nevada City Chamber of Commerce; Nevada Theater Commission; Thelma Osburg; Jean Poulsen; Olivia and Jon Pritchett; Jerry and Emi Sakai; Gordon Sakaue; Carole Schreier; Ruth Schwartz; SierraFoodWineArt (Jeff and Shannon Pelline); Gretchen Serrata; Audrey Ohlson Smith; Sonic Technology; Thomas and Annabel Strauss; Lily Wong and Phil Semler; Greg Streeter with matching funds from United Health Group; Three Forks Bakery and Brewing; Mick and Kathy Tuttle; Nelson and Lea Wong; Elizabeth Worth; Xiao Mao (Little CATS) Culture Club; Randall Yee


Cheetah ($50 – $99)

Rosalie Baker; Robin Denegri; Rodney and Susan Fivelstad; Glennis Dole; Mary Gilson; Ross and Maiya Gralia; Maryannette Hall; Caroline Hickson; Ralph and Dorothy Hitchcock; Nancy Johansen; Don and Sandy Kewman; James and Debora Luckinbill; Tina Mark; Dianne Marshall and Lawren Giles; Katherine McCollough; Binns and Michele Melander; Deborah Morawski; Nancy Morehouse; Bonnie Morris; James Mullin; Claudette Paige; Carol Young; Helen Williamson


Lynx ($25-$49)

Barry Beals; Marina Bokelman; Jake Bronson; Guistina Costella; Darren Frame; Stephanie Gunton; Maryannette Hall; Linda Hintz; Ralph and Dorothy Hitchcock; Gary Hoover; Robert Knappman; Nadine Langley; Ellen Lapham; Joyce Regan-Goar; Katherine Matsumura; Sigurd Ostrom; Jerome and Bernice Pressler; Joyce Pierce; Jan and Steve Roth; Marilyn Shulman and Alan Trood; Kristie Lee Stevens; Helen Williamson; Glenda Zanone-Burak


Tabby:  ($10-24)

Marcelle Ching; Odette Ching; Nanette Drummer; Joe Fagen; Mary Hansen; Brian Lambert; Sharon Ohara; William Osoki; Wendy Payne; Linda Roemisch; George Scarmon; Robert Shannon; Frank Swaringen


(Our sincere appreciation to any contributors who donated after September 2017.)

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